We don’t dwell on unrealistic claims but one thing we do for sure is to “bring numbers to life” making them more practical to complex businesses and utterly meaningful even to common individuals.

After all as they say Behind every thriving business is a boring accountant.

Accounttax having Big firm’s capability – Small firm’s personality, offer its clients not only immense flexibility and cost savings by delivering the services that are not only professional and but uniquely Personal and at most competitive fixed fees.

No sneaky surprises here, just a simple clean service that puts you first.

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  City Windsor
  Postcode SL4 1RU
  Address St Stephens House, Arthur Road
  Phone Number 01753 299 993

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Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees

Accounttax are local firm of Chartered Certified Accountants in Slough and Windsor. We Offer fixed fee, small business accounting packages including Company accounts, Payroll, VAT, Tax return, Contractor accounts, Property accounts and Bookkeeping services.
Our specialist and online accountancy & tax services are tailored to suit both individuals and businesses whatever size or sector, only a phone call away, all year round, 24/7.

Customer Testimonials

Having used the services of Accounttax on an annual basis since 2007, I have found them to be one of the most flexible, professional accountancy firms that in this modern day of age, have always been reachable via many different methods of communication, which allows businesses like us, to flourish; to keep on top of financial and regulatory changes.

Great professional service. I was able to get advise on my finance as well as the commercial aspects of my business.
Will definitely recommend Accounttax to everyone

We are long time with this accounts company. They are very helpful and sportive. I give them 10/10

All-inclusive package covered accounts, tax returns and regular reviews. Swift response to all queries. The level of professionalism delivered is impeccable, zero hassle and no missed deadlines and were a pleasure to work with.

Whether it was controlling of our tax affairs, payroll administration, accounts preparation or general advice Accounttax always surpassed our best expectations taking burden off our mind. Must say they take their job dead seriously.

Being part of a newly family run business and a growing company handling our payroll and VAT was becoming a rather tiresome load, having to deal with the figures and calculations personally left us wondering in circles, fortunately through Accounttax we were able to focus on the more important elements and thanks to them our business is flourishing.

Having worked with Accounttax for the past 7-8 years I have found the firm to be incredibly reliable, and surprisingly fast considering the amount of services we needed from them at such a reasonable price. They efficaciously facilitated me with some complex company and personal tax issues with outstanding results.

Highly recommend, Accounttax, Since my first interaction in 2002 in relation to an HMRC compliance issue, I have used their services since then for all my company affairs with full confidence that I am always in good hands and completely taken care of.

From Our Website

No two clients are same. Whatever is the size of your business from a small family run business to a small limited company or a large organisation with, we endeavour to exceed our client's expectations with our fully customised services, flexible approach and fixed fees agreed in advance.

Between them, our company covers different board activities serve, copywriting, nursing homes, property agents, mapmaker, and swimming trainers. Also include independent, personal business persons, private trader organizations, voluntary firms and welfares.

Being a small business entrepreneur can be a daunting task right from the start forcing you to "working on the business" rather than "working in the business". Most family run businesses whilst expecting a regular income stream from the outset fail to recognise the problems that may face in making it a success story. Not only they have to invest precious time resources to raise the initial capital, develop technical knowhow, deal with paperwork but also concentrate on getting the new clients. At times without any professional help they try to overstretch by do multi-tasking all alone whilst experiencing information overload and lack of direction & planning.

As your law firm grows, you will find your time is spent running the business and pursuing new clients. You may find it difficult to handle the day to finances without some support. We are sure you know, there is no substitution for working with qualified professionals. Here at Accounttax We understand how different tax and compliance regulations apply to law firms. We implement year-round planning leading to reduction in tax liabilities for law firms and partners. Our strategies are tailored to fit each client's unique situation.

We appreciate that medical practitioner in today's world, are extremely busy not only managing their patients but also keeping abreast of required knowledge which medical profession continuously demands. Whilst you may be on top of the day to day running, this continued pressure may cause problems for you in other areas of your practice. Overseas, capital gains, rentals, or if you are a company director. You may also have income in excess of 100,000 from multiple sources, self-employed practice income, untaxed medical fess, or NHS related expenses to claim in which case you must file your file your self-assessment tax return or corporation tax return if trading as a corporation.

Starting a business is a huge and complex task. It may even pushes you to consider the minute details which you may have never thought of or would not have included in your initial calculations. At Accounttax, we can take the entanglement out of the decisions you need to make in regards to all the key start up issues by spending quality time with you and take you through all the big and little pros and cons. We will digest and consider the many issues relating to accounting and taxation, help you to decide whether you should register as a sole trader, or consider formation of a partnership, limited organisation or limited liability partnership (LLP).

Whether you are a professional buy to let landlord or a landlord to be, letting your personal property, managing commercial property portfolio or thinking of buying or selling one, getting the right advice is crucial. Professional tax planning could save you not only a lot of trouble and but also thousands of pounds in tax. Even for most expert landlords simply reading the available material about their financial and legal obligations cannot be compared to having solid advice from the tax specialists with years of experience in property sector.

How in the long run you may end up into a land of unknowns, in terms of potential change in company circumstances or HMRC approach. While reaping its short term fruits it pays to make sure that you have your eyes on the whole picture ensuring no HMRC regulation or employment law is breached, eventually ending up in a rather awkward or worse off situation. At Accounttax we specialise in advising it contractors and freelancers on long list of choices to make and pitfalls to avoid. We evaluate each client's unique circumstances and come up best possible scenario giving it a best possible chance of success from the start.