AIMS Accountants specialise in servicing independent small businesses and as business owners ourselves we understand what you need. You deal with like-minded entrepreneurs. AIMS is the UK's largest association of professionally qualified accountants. Our track record speaks for itself. Many thousands of clients benefit from our services. Irrespective of business size you too can gain from our experience and our successful approach. You benefit from dealing with a market leader.

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Every AIMS Accountant knows their clients like the back of their hand. We know you don't like call centres; that's why you'll always be able to contact them directly.

It means that we understand exactly what small business owners need from their accountant, that's because every single AIMS Accountant is a small business owner themselves. It means that you wish businesses did what they said they were going to do, that's why we agree the scope of work and the fees involved up front, for a fixed fee, not charge by the hour. It means that we know that cash flow is always at the front of a business owner's mind, that's why we charge our fees by monthly direct debit.

Inheritance Tax is a tax on a person's estate which includes their property, money and possessions. Inheritance Tax is paid if the estate is worth more than the threshold which currently stands at 325,000. Above the threshold there is a 40% tax liability from the estate, which may be reduced to as little as zero if the reliefs are claimed. If you are the executor or administrator of the estate you will need an accountant to advise you on any Inheritance Tax and other taxes you are eligible to pay.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax collected from customers on goods and services which is then paid to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). From the point of the buyer it is a tax payable on goods purchased and from the seller's perspective it is a charge for production of goods or services - the seller must be registered for VAT in order to charge VAT. Your company or organisation must be registered if turnover exceeds certain limits, currently 85,000. To charge VAT you will need an accountant for VAT advice and to take care of your VAT returns.

Corporation Tax is a tax payable on the taxable profits of limited companies (either private or Plc) and other organisations including clubs, societies, associations and other unincorporated bodies. If your company or organisation is based in the UK you will have to pay Corporation Tax on your worldwide profits and you will need an accountant to advise and take care of your CT returns. This is where your local AIMS Accountant comes in. As with all taxes there are deadlines for submission of the tax returns and payment of outstanding tax - miss these and you could be liable for a fine from HM Revenue and Customs.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax paid on profits made when you sell or dispose of all or part of an asset. Capital Gains Tax can apply to all owners of UK assets but there are many reliefs available to help you reduce your tax liability. With so many variables at play, having an accountant who can offer Tax advice to make sure you don't over pay or under pay. AIMS accountants will make sure that all is reported and paid on time. Our accountants will also take a close look at your business and will be able to advise and assist with all of your accounting and tax requirements.

Accounting and bookkeeping can be tedious but are an integral part of your business. Setting some time aside to get these done isn't the best solution and the reality is you need an accountant for your accounting and bookkeeping. Your accountant will keep the ball rolling for you, freeing up your time, recording your incomings and outgoings to get a true picture of the health of your business and the key metric for you; your cash flow. You can use some of your time to do your books but is that the best use of your time?

One size doesn't fit all. That's why our clients can choose what they need from our full accountancy service. You can trust the advice from an AIMS Accountant as every single one is a fully qualified accountant and a member of a professional body. In fact, we're the largest network of qualified accountants in the UK, focusing on SMEs and independent business people. For a no obligation meeting at a location of your choice, get in touch and discover how becoming an AIMS client could be the best business decision you make.