Atreus Accountants Ltd. is an accountancy firm that helps and supports small and medium-sized businesses and aspiring business owners in the financial running of their ventures. Situated in Wimborne, Dorset we offer our clients a wide range of general accounting services from tax returns, bookkeeping to corporate accounts and payroll, as well as offering sound business and financial advice to both individuals and companies.

Many clients have told us they saw accountants as 'dull and boring' and would speak to them in 'confusing and complicated ways, seeming like another language'. Our mission is to change this perception, effectively and efficiently managing our clients' accounting and financial needs, saving them time, money and stress, but also forming strong, personal working relationships with them at the heart of what we do. Ensuring we bring a relaxed atmosphere and 'jargon' free communication in our approach, sharing our knowledge and passion to see their businesses flourish.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • AAT certified accountants

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  • Wimborne, Ferndown, Broadstone, Poole, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire

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  Person William O'Neill
  City Wimborne Minster
  Postcode BH21 1DX
  Address 4 Eastbrook House, 40 East Street, Wimborne, Dorset
  Phone Number 01202 052276

Business Representative

William O'Neill

Managing Director

Products & Services

Spending too much time updating your sales and purchase ledgers? inputting payments?

‚ÄčAtreus Accountants bookkeeping services can do this for you, simply leave us your invoices, receipts, statements, etc. monthly and the tedious work is taken care of using out cloud based software.

We find that most of our clients spend valuable time on keeping their finances up to date, precious time that they could be using to make further sales, gaining more business, or time they could be using to enjoy the finer things in life.

Atreus Accountants Ltd. can take this stress and time away from you, leaving you to focus on the things that matter, running your business, making sales and spending time out of work doing the things you enjoy doing.

Our accounts professionals carefully piece together and analyse your personal tax return ensuring all aspects are correct and follow the HMRC guidelines, whilst also ensuring you aren't paying more tax than you should be.

Weekly, monthly, annual payroll and CIS can be a strenuous time for an employer, especially since the introduction of Real-Time Information (RTI) . Working out the Tax and National Insurance owed to the HMRC, final wages of the employees, printing of wage slips, submissions to the HMRC, etc. Time spent on undertaking these jobs soon mounts up, and so does the money being lost by not making sales.

An efficient payroll system is an integral part of any business and is key to keeping a healthy working atmosphere with your employees. By having Atreus Accountants take on your payroll service we can provide:
- An efficient and reliable service- Tax calculations, employee payslips and submissions made to the HMRC made by the end of each week, month, year.
- Payroll reports- Structured reports on payroll totals, tax and NIC due.
- Accounts updating- If you also use our accounts and bookkeeping services we automatically update the wages and tax from your payroll into your regular accounts and reports.
- Most importantly we provide you with time and take away the stress. Time to focus on making sales, and doing what you do best. Time to spend doing the things you love doing, not up late finalising the payroll.

The April 2019 deadline has passed with Making Tax Digital (MTD) pulling us all in. A recent survey suggests 40% of businesses that MTD will affect aren't prepared (AccountancyAge) , and it is something that will eventually affect us all.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative, changing the way businesses report their income, expenditure and taxes. The first phase commenced on 1st April 2019 for VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85, 000) . For all other businesses the implementation date is proposed at April 2020.

We have spent a lot of time in ensuring ourselves, and our clients, are fully prepared for MTD so we could hit the ground running on the 1st of April. Under MTD, taxpayers send HMRC details of their income and expenditure in a digital format at least four times a year. In order to submit accounts digitally tax payers will need to integrate their accounts with compatible software, which can then connect to HMRC.

This is where we can help, as with our bookkeeping service our clients can leave their invoices, receipts, etc. with us and we go through the strenuous effort of inputting and formulating the VAT return, submitting it on your behalf to the HMRC. Saving you:
- Money through effective and efficient processing, potentially saving you on tax.
- Time to focus on sales, in return increasing your revenue.
- Stress, not having to worry about the VAT deadlines and having to input your data constantly.

Have questions on personal tax issues? Feel your business is paying too much tax or may be better suited in a different business setup?

Our accounts professionals at Atreus Accountants Ltd. are well versed on the UK tax laws, implications, and are happy and willing to help with any difficulties you may be facing.

Not only can we help with tax implications, but also with aspects such as cashflow, organising a business plan, financial forecasting, budgeting, business formation, VAT registration, etc.

Customer Testimonials

My finances were pulling my business under. Atreus Accountants got them back in place and gave me back control of my business and my life.

I was really struggling with my personal finances until the helpful team at Atreus Accountants got them back in place. There was no judgement, just got things sorted. Thanks so much.

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