At Capital Bookkeeping we aim to take the chore out of bookkeeping. We belief you did not go into business to make lists of expenses and income ,then supply the necessary information to the Inland Revenue, H M Customs and Excise or your bank manager, but it is a necessity for your business. Bookkeeping has to be done by law and is a very important part of your business. There is no other way of seeing where you are making, or losing money.

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We can offer a payroll service to any business, large or small. At Capital Bookkeeping our computerised system can carry out your complete payroll, and any necessary information required by the Inland Revenue, including P45's, P46's and P14's. Our clients can either ring their employees hours through to us or fax the hourly information. The cost is per event (payslip etc). We do not charge a large amount for a small payroll, the cost will always be calculated on a per person basis.

Because we generate your work on a regular basis we can always tell you where you are up to with the amount of VAT owed to Customs and Excise. This will help you with your budgeting. At the end of each quarter we back up you records and file them with a report suitable for H M Custom and Excise to read. Each transaction is numbered to match the report to make it easy to trace any invoices and prove where VAT has been claimed or reclaimed. It is essential to keep up to date with the changes in VAT legalisation.

Being Self Employed means that you pay income tax through Self Assessment. After the tax year ends on the 5th April you will need to complete a Self Assessment tax return, this can be done on line or by paper form. A paper tax return must be received at HR&Customs by 31st October otherwise you may receive a penalty. If you choose to do your tax return online then you have until 31st January, giving you an extra three months. Whether you complete a paper tax return or choose the on line method, you need to pay any tax you owe by the 31 January.