We understand that you have great business ideas and want to maximise these whilst freeing up as much time for the things that matter most.

Our aim is to help you do that.

Are you.

Starting a new business?

Wanting to increase your profits?

Having problems with HMRC, Companies House or generally keeping your records up to date?

Looking for friendly, straight forward accountancy and business support?

Spending a lot of valuable time on your business administration?

We are already working with many small to medium businesses across the UK answering Yes to these questions. If this sounds like you, get in touch today and let our dedicated team start supporting your business.

Contact Details

  City Loughborough
  Postcode LE12 7PU
  Address Oak Business Centre, 79-93 Ratcliffe Road, Sileby
  Phone Number 015 0981 6150

Products & Services

Accountancy & Bookkeeping

We are a firm of Accountants and Business advisers based in Sileby, just outside Loughborough, Leicestershire. Our friendly team are committed to helping local businesses grow, develop and run as efficiently as possible.

We have plenty of experience of preparing:

Management Accounts
VAT Returns
End of Year Accounts


We offer a comprehensive range of Payroll services and will handle all of your PAYE needs quickly and accurately, leaving you time to concentrate on running your business. Allowing us to take the burden from you will save you time, Hassle and Money – Guaranteed!

Tax and VAT

VAT and Tax Returns are where a business communicates with the authorities. It is important that these are completed correctly and fully – and submitted on time.

For virtually all of our clients, we prepare and submit Tax Returns and for some of them we produce their VAT Returns. In any one year we will deal with many more Tax and VAT returns than most people will see in a lifetime.

As part of our standard service we automatically prepare Tax Returns for clients. If you prefer us to deal with your VAT returns, we are happy to do so.

Customer Testimonials

We have been a client for the last 3 years having moved from a previous accountancy firm. We changed due to the close location of CBS and additionally the fantastic value for money that they offer.
I have always found the team at CBS to be extremely helpful and understanding. They are very knowledgeable about a diverse range of questions that I have asked and I am never made to feel silly for asking.
I highly recommend them to anyone.

The team are always on hand to answer my accounts and payroll queries, I never feel like I can't pick up the phone. I have also been able to access commercial finance support to help grow my retail business and John is always on hand to listen and advise on my future business development plans.

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From Our Website

It is surprising how often we are asked about U.S. tax returns. The U.S. tax system requires virtually everyone who has either lived or worked in the U.S. to complete a tax return, and to provide various information in reference to bank accounts and multiple types of assets. One U.S. expat, jokingly(?), said that eventually everyone in the world will be sending in tax returns to the IRS. To provide the best possible service to anyone needing to complete a US tax return, we have teamed up with Jackie Coder, a U.S. based tax accountant.

We are pro-active in our dealings with you. Wherever possible we will help and advise you to get the best from your business. This is the way we do business - if we can help you do well, we will ultimately be rewarded by an increase in our business. Clients often consider us as an additional director, trying to improve the overall profitability of the business. However, sometimes this may not be enough. You may need help on a more formal basis. Perhaps you are expanding, purchasing another business, have a specific problem etc.

The Lockdown is here. It will be over eventually. What are you doing to plan? It's amazing how many business owners are sitting back and waiting for the lockdown to finish, presumably thinking that everything will return to the way it was before. By having an Accountant who keeps up to date with changes to the tax system means you will always be kept in the 'know'. At Central Business Services we keep up to date with the legal requirements to ensure you pay the right taxes.

You need look no further. We have launched CBS Legal Services covering all aspects of law - but particularly aimed at business owners. This is a service which many of our clients have asked for. We believe that access to good legal advice, presented in a friendly, approachable way, is important for any serious business owner. We have a team of specialist advisers (plus support staff) providing the service. The advice is fully regulated by The Law Society. The team aren't based in our office but meetings can be arranged here or in anywhere in Loughborough, Leicester or Market Harborough.

Our friendly and efficient team have a wide range of expertise which can support and help you develop your business. Before CBS was formed, John built up his knowledge and experience working for various companies starting with heading the accounts department in a company employing over 100 staff when he was only 22. John then worked in a direct marketing company running all of their admin functions and producing direct marketing campaigns for clients including Barnardo's, Shelter, British Airways and the British Banking Association.

The DIY service does not cover every possibility. You can't, for example, use it for different share structures or for non standard Articles. It definitely isn't suitable for charitable companies or Community Interest Companies. DIY does not give the option of using our address as your registered office, which is a popular facility, preventing you being deluged with unwanted and unnecessary mail - because we screen it for you and only send what is important or relevant. If you have any doubts about your knowledge or need anything even slightly out of the ordinary, we recommend you use our bespoke service where the company will be formed to your specific requirement.

One of the major time savers for businesses has been the ability to extract information from invoices and receipts, automatically feed the data into software - and save a copy of the document. We recommend Receipt Bank because it integrates with virtually every cloud bookkeeping package - and is not restricted to just one piece of software. Here's a little video quickly explaining how it works. Of course, we can provide Receipt Bank to all clients using our accounting or bookkeeping services. If we think it will be useful to you and save you time and money, we will include it.

Save time and money with ReceiptBank One of the major time savers for businesses has been the ability to extract information from invoices and receipts, automatically feed the data into software - and save a copy of the document. Goods to and from abroad HMRC has produced some short videos about sending goods overseas and receiving goods from overseas. This is only a quick summary so, if you need to discuss these further, feel free to contact us. Claims for the third SEISS (Self-Employed Income Support Scheme) grant can be made from 30 November.