GM Professional Accountants are based in Ilford , we provide accounting and tax services

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  • Cipfa

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  • Ilford, Manor Park, East Ham, Barking, Stratford

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  City Ilford
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  Address 14 Clements Court, Clements lane
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Our company also provides consultancy services to small businesses. Our advice is based on our many year of practice in the area of book keeping. You can visit our online platform or our offices in London where we can talk about many accountancy issues that are likely to affect your business. For those who conduct their own book keeping services, we advise them to keep their accounts in an orderly manner.

We also advise them to file them at all times by separating them based on each Accounting Period. This makes sure that you stay organised and compliant during your the monthly, quarterly and yearly deadlines. This also makes that your accounts are easy to read and follow. Also keep your bank statements and business related expenses, purchases and sales separate. Failure to maintain your records, this will lead to fines.

Accounts are very important to keep up to date, as this is the foundation for accounts. Accounts also help to define whether your business is doing well over the years. A profit or loss for the year can be created to see how well your business is doing in your current year.

Tax Services

Making some tax savings is the goal of most companies. To address these related challenges and to make some savings from the same, it is good to apply the guidance of financial experts like us. Our skilled accountants have the skills and the competence needed to make sure that you make some tax savings and that you seize any open chance.

Our experts view planning as a chief process of the strategic tax planning process. We know that some calculated decisions cannot be made by one person. Therefore, we use our teams of skilled accountants when planning for your levies for good results. Our experts are gifted with various skills at the local, national and global level meaning that you can trust us with your tax planning at ball these levels.

Customer Testimonials

Great service over Provider ! Thank you :) Keep it up.

Great service over the two years so far. Thanks you Sharaz!

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