We try to make a difference in making sure that you are put first. We strive to find the solutions that will both make your costs in terms of both tax paid and in the analysis of your earnings. The fees we charge are reflective of the quality of advice given and the levels of services provided. We can provide for you the following services including:

- Preparation of annual accounts to submit to Companies House.
- Preparing VAT and corporation tax returns to submit to HMRC.
- Analyzing and preparing bookkeeping to see where profitability can be enhanced.
- Dealing with estates which are in need to probate and tax advice.
- Dealing with self assessment for individuals in preparing the tax return to be submitted to HMRC.
- Preparing business plans or other documents such as self certification mortgages.

There are many accountants out there who offer similar services, but many are difficult to deal with. They are slow to deal with queries, never call back and do not proactively give advice where it may be needed, we aim to be different and will always respond to any query or call within the day, and are available from 7am to 7pm.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We are available for home visits from 7 am to 7 pm anywhere inside the M25

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Members of the ICAEW

Serviced Areas

  • Central and South London

Contact Details

  City Wandsworth
  Postcode SW11 3SP
  Address 5 Yelverton Road
  Phone Number 020 7228 5604

Products & Services

Annual Accounts

Annual accounts are often needed for statutory purposes or for the needs of financial institutions in order to approve finance or mortgages. The accounts are produced each year in a form that will be accepted by companies house. They will need to be prepared in order to produce the profit figure for any company partnership (whether incorporated or not) or a sole trader.

Our annual accounts are prepared using the Vistopia software package which produces accounts that will be accepted by Companies House as statutory accounts. They can be prepared from the source paper documents such as bank accounts, expense receipts and sales invoices or from electronic information such as excel spreadsheets showing all the relevant transactions for the year as well as some information post the accounting year end.

Tax Returns

We can prepare tax returns in order to submit to the relevant authorities, at a reasonable costs and with minimum fuss and incovenience to yourself. In order to prepare your tax return we need to submit the return by the end of October if a paper return is needed and the end of January to submit a online return. So for example for the tax year 2011/2012 which runs from the 6th of April 2011 to the 5th of April 2012 returns need to be submitted before the 31st of October 2012 on paper or on the 31st of January 2013.

As a registered tax agent we can act on your behalf to keep your tax return affairs in order.


When running a business it is often a necessity to focus on the development of areas such as marketing and design and the mundane areas such as bookkeeping can become a neglected role.

We can perform these tasks preparing the basic books of entry on a quarterly, monthly or weekly time period. These processes can then be integrated into either management accounts or annual accounts. The books of entry can either be formal books kept in paper book or software form such as SAGE and Quickbooks or alternatively in a less formal but more adaptable form such as in excel spreadsheets.

We can arrange a monthly or less often visit to your business premises in order to prepare the books of entry. Books that need to be kept up to date include the cashbook, the sales ledger, the purchases ledger and petty cash balances. Processes such as bank reconciliations and debtor reconciliations if carried out on a regular basis can be a useful way of managing specific problems in a business, such as higher than necessary levels of debtors (the amount owed unpaid by customers) .

From Our Website

We are a bespoke practice focused on delivering high quality service to our clients. We endeavour to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with the level of service and are kept in touch with their affairs. We believe communication is highly important. We are based in the South West of London, near Clapham Junction, but deal with clients across the South East of England. Whether you are starting a business, are operating a business, or need help with your personal taxes we can help you. Please look at our fees and costs page; we hope you will be impressed by both our competitive approach and personal service.

J Porter Chartered Accountants aims to offer and deliver a professional, proactive and friendly full accountancy and tax service. We are committed to saving you both time and money in delivering innovative and legally coherant solutions. All personal and business information disclosed to us will be treated in a strictly confidential way. We appreciate that while you may want a knowledgeable accountant who can provide you with relevant information quickly you don't want to pay the earth. Our focus is on delivering a high quality service at a reasonable cost.

There are a number of areas were we can provide a service to you on an ongoing basis in a business, in all activities you are engaged in. If you do not have the time or inclination to prepare the basic books then we would be able to prepare the books from source documentation such as bank statements and invoices. It is often useful to have a monthly or quarterly accounts prepared with a detailed breakdown of the categories of income and expenses of the business you are operating. This will be able to show areas where a tighter reign needs to taken on the expenses of the business or opportunies can be identified.

There are a number of areas of business taxes which we will be able to assist you in, including Corporation Tax, VAT and Payroll taxes. If your company or organisation is liable for Corporation Tax, you must tell HM Revenue & Customs that it's liable, pay any Corporation Tax that's due and file a Company Tax Return on time. You may have to meet these deadlines and requirements even if your company or organisation is not active or is dormant, or has no Corporation Tax to pay. If you don't, your company or organisation may have to pay a penalty or may be charged interest.