We are a small firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants specialising in the tax affairs of individuals, businesses and owner-managed companies.

We know what it is like to run your own business and realise that it can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time! In our experience, we believe that it is best to find an accountant who is able to provide you with more than just what is required by law in terms of annual returns and filing obligations. You need someone who is able to provide you with sound financial information, in the format that is suited to you, to enable you to grow or expand your business!

We provide a fixed-fee service on almost all of our products, and if we are not able to do so in your particular case, we will advise you accordingly. These invariably will go on a time-spent basis, with regular reviews on progress.

Regular services we have provided include:
Preparation of financial information for your business to enable you to make financial decisions going forward;
Preparation and submission of accounting information and tax returns for sole traders, individuals and partnerships;
Preparation and submission of company accounts to Companies House and tax return information to HMRC for companies;
Preparation of quarterly VAT returns and use of Flat Rate Scheme for VAT;
Detailed Capital Gains Tax calculations for individuals and businesses on disposal of capital assets;
HMRC Enquiries into your tax affairs - we can help at this stressful time to explain what HMRC are "actually" asking and how best to resolve any outstanding issues.

Don't think of us as your "normal" accountant - think of us as one of your business advisers who can help you to improve your own business!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Guaranteed 7 day turnaround service on tax returns
  • Guaranteed 24 hours response to queries
  • Generous referral system to thank you for introducing us to others

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CTA (Chartered Taxation Adviser)

Contact Details

  City Axminster
  Postcode EX13 5NH
  Address 5 Castle Mount Offices, Victoria Place
  Phone Number 01297639973
  Mobile 07763556594

Products & Services

We provide services to businesses and individuals direct, and also act as taxation advisers for accountants or other professionals.

Although based in Devon, and our morning commutes may be slightly different to those of some of our clients', who are based around the UK and even abroad, we are still able to communicate efficiently in order to get your job done. We all know that through the use of modern technologies the world has become a much smaller place, and at Kadel Solutions we use this to our, and your, advantage, by ensuring that your affairs are looked after seamlessly, wherever you may be physically based.

With almost 20 years experience in taxation of individuals and businesses, and many more years (figure withheld for modesty reasons!) of accounting experience, we are confident that we can provide you with a confidential and effective service.

From Our Website

We are a small firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, Treasurers and Accountants who specialise in supporting individuals, sole traders, owner- managed businesses and small and medium sized companies. We also provide specialist Treasury services to corporate clients. Our Chartered Tax Adviser is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). The CIOT is the leading body in the UK for taxation professionals dealing with all aspects of taxation. Members of the CIOT are required to keep up to date with recent tax regulations, and have to provide evidence of their continuing professional development (CPD) on a regular basis.

We always try to agree a fixed fee up-front, before any work is undertaken, so that there are no nasty surprises later. In the rare cases where we are not able to agree a fixed fee, such as in HMRC enquiry work, we agree with you a fixed hourly rate, and provide regular updates on the time incurred. That way, once again, you are able to feel in control of your costs. We provide services to businesses and individuals direct, and also act as taxation advisers for accountants or other professionals.

If you are self-employed or you are a landlord, then HMRC are planning on making your annual tax returns a thing of the past - or are they? So, instead of one return, you will have to do 5! Progress for businesses? No-one surely believes that making the tax return system digital is a bad thing, as that is the way the world is moving, and it brings with it enormous benefits and time-saving potential. However, the problem with this HMRC idea is, in my opinion, that their starting point is the smaller businesses, and only working up to the larger businesses in 2 years time.

Has your company developed a new curing process for your ham, or a new brewing process for your beer, or have you designed a new operating system on your shop floor? These are a small example of what could potentially be eligible for Research and Development (R&D) claims. The beauty of R&D claims is that if you are already incurring the costs as a company, the mere fact that a claim is successful, means that your company is given a boost in terms of increasing your tax deductions. For every 100 your company already spends on R&D, you will get a tax deduction of 230 - it really is that simple!

As we are all starting to get to grips with the new rules that will apply to all dividends paid on or after the 6th April 2016, it is important to realise that the significant number of small owner-managed companies are going to have to change how they extract funds from their companies. Continuing as most are doing now - that is, taking a small salary to preserve your entitlement to State Pension, and the balance as dividends - will, in most cases mean that more tax will be payable. It is also important to remember that the 5,000 tax-free allowance for dividends will form part of your personal allowance, and is not in addition to your personal allowance!

HMRC have been consulting recently on ways to improve the take-up and administration of Research and Development claims by companies - in fact the title of their consultation was "Making R&D Easier"! Following on from this consultation there will be a number of improvements to the current system and I believe that a key improvement will be a new Advance Assurance facility. We are still awaiting the final documentation to appear on the HMRC website, but I would expect it within the next 2 weeks.

My faith in the business/common sense of the government has been restored - they listened to the Treasury Select Committee who advised that it made much more sense to start with the larger businesses and operations and then work down to the smaller businesses. The common theme in all of the Treasury Select Committee meetings was that this is a very good idea, but it just needs to be introduced correctly. From April 2018: All unincorporated businesses i.e. If you are self-employed or you are a landlord, then HMRC are planning on making your annual tax returns a thing of the past - or are they?

Having worked with Microsoft Excel, Access and Visual Basic for over 20 years, we pride ourselves in our ability to maximise the use and power of these common applications in your business environment. In our experience, it is difficult to overstate the ability of these everyday products to benefit you and your business. We operate a fully flexible approach whereby we can visit you at your premises and work directly with you using your own specific data and addressing your particular needs and requirements.