At KHL we can advise you on common practices and keep you up to date on recent developments. We should also be monitoring your business growth, and be able to advise you on options as you grow. For example, we may recommend that you change your business structure (from sole trader to Limited) if it looks like you can see significant tax savings based on your earnings. You should also be calling your accountant before you make large purchases or enter into lease agreements to see what options are most beneficial to you from a tax standpoint.

Beyond tax considerations, your accountant should be able to advise you on all aspects of your financial planning and management. We can be a sounding board when you are considering an investment for your business. We can guide you through financial hurdles. Whether you have a problem with cash flow, credit, or collecting money due, your accountant should be the first person you call before taking any action. In addition to your business finances, you can go to your accountant for personal finance advice. Because we get to know our client's business so well, we can make good recommendations on how you should save or invest your own money.

From labour laws to benefits, we can help you navigate through all the rules and regulations required of employers. Once you have employees, you'll need to find out about PAYE, NI, and retirement benefits. If you're not ready to have a full fledged Human Resources department, your accountant can fill in. It can get complicated, and it'll be wise to have an accountant ready to guide you, especially as your business grows. For example, some employment laws only apply after you have a certain number of employees. It's important that someone is on top of the various phases of your business, and sometimes it's just nice if it doesn't have to be you. This means you have more time to produce sales income.

Numbers are a second language to accountants. You don't have to be good with numbers if you have an accountant. We can look at your sales figures and determine profitability. We can verify that your debt vs. equity ratio is appropriate. We can be a resource to help you compare your benchmarks within the industry. We can provide profit forecasts, cash flow projections, business plans etc. These reports can help you greatly in monitoring and optimizing business performance and growth.

A good accountant is invaluable if you are seeking capital. We can help you evaluate various options available for business financing. We can read your financial statements and tell you exactly what your lenders are looking for. We can prepare you for the questions you'll need to answer and the documents you'll need to prepare. Additionally, it's likely that he'll have access to resources and contacts that will give you an edge for obtaining the best financing.

As tax season rolls around, you may want to give more thought to building a relationship with your accountant, or shop around for one who can provide expert advice for your small business, which is where we come in.

We do go the extra mile for our clients, and advise them of the various options available to their business.

We would be delighted to meet with you and provide information on how our services can help your business and plan for the future. As your needs change, we are happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals.

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Customer Testimonials

I have worked with KHL Accountancy for a couple of years and I give Karen my highest recommendation. She is efficient and has good attention to detail. She makes sensible recommendations with the intent of helping the business save money. She has become a friend as well as a supportive business partner. I find her integrity, ethics and outlook refreshing.

Dear Karen I would like to say how delighted we have been since transferring our accountancy needs to your company over two years ago. We have found you to be quick and efficient and prepared to go the extra mile for us if necessary. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and should you require us to, we would be more than happy to provide a reference. Kind regards Chris Earl