Founded in 1929, we continue to drive ourselves forward as the demands of the business and commercial environment develop and the needs of our clients evolve.

But there's more to staying in business than staying one step ahead of commercial progress and we believe that it's not just our expertise but also our integrity and imagination that's key to our success.

Providing value added, contemporary advice, we treat each client as an individual and tailor our recommendations accordingly. We're protective of our record, we're proud that our clients tend to stick with us and we're delighted by the number of recommendations we receive from them.

What�s more, our people are our future; and realistic, practical training reflects this. We work not only to develop technical expertise but also the interpersonal skills required to enable us to deliver best practice alongside an inventive approach.

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Products & Services

Lubbock Fine works with clients from the very beginning throughout the growth of their businesses, adapting services as and when necessary. Drawing upon diverse experience gained from involvement across a broad range of organisations, we can work in partnership with you to develop your business to its full potential.

Trading vehicle
VAT registration, compliance and planning
Bookkeeping and management accounting

For Lubbock Fine, business consulting and strategic planning, under the broad heading of 'business strategy', are services we've been providing for decades.

As businesses grow and become increasingly complex, by drawing upon our accumulated experience, we help our clients in the transformation of planning, decision-making and control procedures. This results in improved commercial working methods and increased profitability.

Our services include:
Business review/increasing profitability
Improving working methods
Business coaching
Industry specifics

We have been providing corporate administration services for over 25 years. Our individual and corporate clients look to us for efficient and expert accounting, disciplined corporate governance and administrative excellence. By removing resource intensive, non-core administration activities, our corporate administration services provide them with the high level of support required to enable them to focus on what they do best.

Within Lubbock Fine's corporate recovery arm, we operate on the basis that prevention is the best cure. Insolvency and liquidation are very much the last resort; a dramatic and final turn of events is not the inevitable outcome for all ailing businesses.

In the majority of cases where a struggling business is saved, time has been a crucial factor. The sooner problems are identified and addressed, the sooner the appropriate financial and management resources can be installed to achieve a turnaround. If you think that there may be a problem, there probably is.

With a dedicated corporate finance team, Lubbock Fine can work with you to effect the right transaction for your business.

Moving from business dream to hard profit requires specialist input. Disposals, flotations, acquisitions, overseas expansion, a flotation on AIM or ISDX Growth Market may be the largest transaction in your business history. The difference between success and failure could be defined by the quality of professional help you call in.

As a high net worth individual you face many challenges managing and preserving your wealth, for you and future generations. Our family office will help you identify your goals, offer expert, pragmatic advice and craft solutions suitable to your needs.

We will give you:

A personalised and responsive service, driven by thoughtful, objective and independent advice to enable you to coordinate and oversee all components of your life.
An integrated plan and consolidated financial picture for your family's worldwide assets, including investments, wealth transfer strategies and performance reporting.
A comprehensive risk management approach coupled with highly optimised tax mitigation so you know your family and wealth are protected.
A central library of all your family's documents at the touch of a button so that you know where they are including your will, trust deeds, real estate titles, investment notes, insurance policies and all financial documents.
The time, cost and efficiency benefits of pooled resources and purchasing power.
Coordination of your professional advisors, ensuring that your personal goals are met and nothing falls through the cracks.
The confidence that, if something happens to you, there will be someone in place who knows your family helping them manage through transitions and transferring wealth to future generations.

Auditing and financial reporting are both traditionally at the core of our business. They are central requirements to many clients and for larger businesses both are statutory requirements. Every UK company is obliged to file a set of accounts and this is a process where we can really add value for our clients. While audit is no longer a statutory requirement for some small and medium sized businesses, many of them opt for a voluntary audit in order to keep a firm grip on their financial position. Whether your audit is a legal requirement or a voluntary undertaking, as with everything we do, the audit process at Lubbock Fine is based upon adding value

Lubbock Fine has a specialist team that offers fund administration solutions to clients based in many of the main global financial centres.
Our aim is to ensure client satisfaction and value for money and, accordingly, our fees are based on the services that we provide to a fund and not on the size of its assets.

Our services include:

Consultancy services - if you're setting up a new fund we can assist with selecting a suitable jurisdiction, regulatory requirements and all aspects of taxation.
Registrar services - maintenance of the share registers, handling subscriptions, redemptions and correspondence with investors.
Accounting services maintaining the accounting records in accordance with relevant accounting standards.
Net asset valuation services we have the capability to prepare the net asset valuation and to communicate it to the investors.
Financial reporting services we will act as the liaison between the auditors of the fund and the investment manager to ensure the audit process is completed smoothly and efficiently. We will, where required, prepare the appropriate documentation on behalf of the fund to present to the auditor.
Corporate secretarial services maintenance of the statutory records, attendance at board meetings, provision of directors and registered office.

Lubbock Fine has a dedicated team of experts that undertake financial audits and grant and contract audits on behalf of institutional bodies, donor agencies and grant providers both in the UK and at international level. With almost 20 years of experience in this field, Lubbock Fine has an exceptional level of expertise in providing audits for grant projects, systems based audits of procedures and internal controls of government agencies, as well as carrying out financial audits of institutional organisations.

Our audit services include:

Audit of grant expenditure for the European Commission
Audit certification of grant expenditure for beneficiaries
Review of local enterprise grants
Financial audit of projects funded under assistance programmes
Audit of financial statements of multilateral funded organisations
Internal control systems reviews public sector bodies

Lubbock Fine chartered accountants specialise in international tax planning. We provide bespoke international tax advice and expatriate tax planning assistance to a broad range of clients.

All cross border transactions have a tax implication. While these can be relatively straightforward requiring little specialist consideration, once presence is established in a foreign jurisdiction matters become much more complex, often resulting in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities for mitigation. Specialist international tax advice is therefore essential

With ever growing legislation and regulation, the challenges facing overseas businesses operating in the UK are increasingly demanding. Our inward investor client base continues to grow and develop, and our comprehensive range of services supports these businesses ensuring they remain compliant with all developments and changes to the UK tax and accounting rules. Our service is efficient and cost effective providing first class management information required for making sound decisions

At Lubbock Fine, our extensive range of business process outsourcing services allows clients to structure a package relevant to their needs. By passing key accounting and compliance responsibilities to us, management teams are left to focus on their own expertise in the business areas they know and understand.

The current economic climate has re-emphasised to the business world the importance of keeping costs to a minimum and being as efficient as possible within each area of your business. This has encouraged the growth of the market for business process outsourcing in accounting and other sectors

Taxation responds as well to good planning and control as any other business cost. As leading tax accountants based in London, we believe that all clients are different and need individual tax strategies. These strategies ensure that liabilities are known in advance and that maximum benefit is made of allowances and reliefs.

Our services include:

Tax compliance
Tax planning
Estate planning

Lubbock Fine Wealth Management LLP (LFWM) is the wealth management arm of Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants. It was established in 2006.

LFWM provides independent financial advice which focuses on each individual client's circumstances to design appropriate solutions which are tailored to their specific objectives and requirements.

LFWM offers a holistic financial planning service which includes:

Financial review service
Pre & post retirement planning
Investment planning, risk analysis & portfolio management
Tax mitigation strategies (including estate planning)
Protection planning

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From Our Website

Every year Lubbock Fine proudly supports a charitable organisation, inviting staff to get involved with fundraising and volunteering activities. This year Lubbock Fine has voted to support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the work they do. Running since 1860, Battersea is an iconic charity that has helped more than 3,000,000 animals since its inception and cares for over 7,000 animals every year. Many of the firm's partners are individually involved with charities as trustees and directors. In addition, we act for many charities and other not-for-profit organisations and have a full understanding of the sector.

At Lubbock Fine, VAT accounting and VAT services are in our DNA. We've been providing specialist VAT accounting services to our clients over many years and we offer an unparalleled service to ensure that all VAT matters are efficiently and cost effectively managed. This is a thorny area of tax that it's critical to get right and one where real savings, affecting your bottom line, can be made. The penalties levied by HMRC if you get it wrong can be punitive. We provide our clients with a wide range of VAT services, across and beyond all VAT accounting, from compliance (VAT registration, VAT return, EC Sales List and Intrastat preparations and submissions), to matters of a more complex nature such as the VAT accounting implications of real estate transactions, construction of buildings, international supply of goods and services, financial services, electronically supplied services and more.

Our clients expect and receive excellent accounting and tax advice, but we also provide a unique range of specialist services and an international perspective that belies our size. We provide a wide range of business assurance and tax services and have particular expertise in a number of areas from business start-ups to international tax planning. Lubbock Fine's specialist services supply clients with real expertise and a broad collection of relevant skills. Whether you're in business or an individual, we've got the skills to support you and resolve your financial issues.

HMRC have an automatic right to enquire into the tax affairs of all UK taxpayers, including individuals, trusts and companies. They do not require a reason. Our tax specialists are well placed to ensure that any HMRC enquiry is managed effectively to achieve the right result with as little impact on your personal and business life as possible. A tax enquiry or investigation can lead to significant unexpected costs, even if HMRC accept that no further tax is due. The associated costs can quickly accumulate.