An affordable accountant specialising in the preparation of Year-end Accounts and Tax Computations (including the completion and submission of Tax Return forms) for sole traders, partnerships, small businesses and limited companies throughout the U.K.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • If I am out of the office (visiting clients, etc.), I can be contacted on my mobile (07736-736-736).

Serviced Areas

  • East Midlands

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA, Bank transfer upon completion or twelve monthly Standing Order payments in advance.

Contact Details

  Person Nigel Edwards Walker
  City Ashbourne
  Postcode DE6 1RA
  Address Green Farm, Tissington
  Phone Number 0345-500-1000
  Mobile 07736-736-736
  Tollfree 0345-500-1000
  Fax 0845-500-1000

Business Representative

Nigel Edwards Walker

Sole Practitioner

My entire life history can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Products & Services

Completion and submission of a Self Assessment Tax Return form

The submission of a Return (including the calculation of the resulting tax payment/s required) using figures and information provided by a third party.

Payroll (payslips, etc.)

Calculation of PAYE and NIC, and production of pay slips.

Payroll (Annual Return, etc.)

Completion and electronic submission of the Annual Return, including the production of a P60 for each employee.

VAT Returns

Logging the quarter's Outputs and Inputs (which reduces the work required for annual accounts) and electronically submitting the completed VAT Return.

Annual Accounts

Preparation of accounts and the electronic submission of ALL the necessary forms, including CT Returns and SA Tax Returns to HMRC, plus Annual Returns and Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House (for limited companies).

  • I would recommend this business
  • Savings in fees and liabilities, and very pleasant.
  • None!

In addition to halving what we were paying, Nigel also recovered tax that our previous accountant calculated we owed, but what is undoubtedly even better than all that, I'm not afraid to 'phone for guidance and/or advice as Nigel is always pleasant, helpful, and never makes me feel incapable or inferior.

Value for moneySaves us several thousand pounds each year.
Service & supportIf not immediately available, we always get a reply to our messages.
LocationAlways welcomed at their office, which is also in a beautiful location
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Outstanding service and value!

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From Our Website

If you do, we are sure you will have no regrets, either now or (if you decide to take things further) in the future! We fully accept that this introductory page may not be as slick as the majority of accountancy websites (which are all much the same), but we have changed very little over the years, as it still attracts the type of client we prefer to work for and with (those with a similar sense of humour, who are looking for an accountancy practice with a serious and responsible attitude towards business, but still retains their perspective on life, and is prepared to stand by their beliefs, rather than following the crowd) and we keep the dated graphics as they were created/awarded years before virtually any of our competition had a website, when the only way to get one was by designing and writing one oneself, so we are still rather proud of our achievement and heritage.

As mentioned on my home page, I am an extremely competitively-priced accountant specialising in all aspects for small businesses from general book-keeping right through to the electronic lodgment of Tax Return forms. I have been self-employed since 1991, having previously been the Regional Accountant for the Midlands, East Anglia, North-West and Northern Commercial and Professional Regions of Abbey National Estate Agency - can you imagine the size of my business card to have that title included!

In addition to the general book-keeping assistance I can provide and the peace of mind that I can offer from electronically submitting Tax Returns (which are acknowledged within the day), my main strength is that I am wholly responsible for everything undertaken by N.E.W. Accountancy Services. That means that work to be carried out will not be passed to a junior whilst the client pays partnership rates. For technical information that I am unable to provide personally, I have a tax consultant, financial advisor and one or two other experts whom I retain to ensure my clients receive the best guidance and assistance available.

If you're still here, having been cruelly exposed to the above pictures, you may now decide that you're brave enough to sit through a video of me welcoming you to this site! I fully appreciate these pictures aren't what might have been expected on an accountancy website, but is anything on this website the norm? I felt they were much more interesting than pictures of receipts, daybooks and spreadsheets, etc. I apologise if you're disappointed.

So there you go, if I'm unable to help you, at least one of the above should be equipped to provide what you're seeking. If not, please e-mail me with what it is you need to know and I shall do my best to find a solution to the problem.

The year's most important date to remember (other than one's wedding anniversary of course) is 31st January which is the last day Tax Returns can be accepted before attracting penalties. No matter how many months' notice we are given, it apparently comes as a horrific shock for some who realize, on 30th January, that there are only twenty-four hours to go before 100 penalty is needlessly incurred! Fortunately, with thanks to the Revenue's Electronic Lodgment System (and my diligent little mouse) this tardiness can still be rectified in the nick of time - Returns can be sent electronically right upto midnight on the last day!

FAQ: What is the definition of an accountant? Answer: Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand. FAQ: How do you drive an accountant completely insane? Answer: Tie him to a chair then stand in front of him and fold up a roadmap the wrong way. FAQ: What did the terrorist (who had hijacked a plane full of accountants) threaten to do if his demands weren't met? Answer: Release one every hour. However, the majority of questions I receive tend to be personal and clients/prospective clients have requested that I treat their communications as private.

I am an accountant who works from home and can therefore keep my fees extremely competitive whilst maintaining the very high standards my clients need and expect. Because my pricing structure has remained virtually the same (merely allowing for inflation) since I established the practice in 1991, my fee for the preparation of most of my clients' annual accounts inclusive of tax computations, etc. is around 400 (company accounts obviously tend to be more, but with new legislation allowing audit exemption for businesses with a turnover of upto 10,200,000, my annual fee is hardly ever above three figures, dependent upon the simplicity/complexity of the company's documentation/records).