We do not create aggressive VAT planning schemes which invite challenge by HM Revenue & Customs. Nor do we indulge in over ambitious attempts to overturn decisions of Customs & Excise which are likely to end in failure at the VAT & Duties Tribunal. We provide advice and assistance to clients on all aspects of VAT and the other indirect taxes (including Customs Duty, Excise Duties, and Insurance Premium Tax) and we tailor that advice and assistance to the precise needs of the individual client.

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  City Cheadle
  Postcode SK8 2EA
  Address Sovereign House, Stockport Road
  Phone Number 016 1491 2979
  Fax 0161 428 6568

Products & Services

We specialise in the more complex areas of VAT:

Land and Property
Charities and Not For Profit Organisations
Construction Industry
VAT Assessments and Penalties
VAT Fraud Investigation
VAT Liability
Partial VAT Exemption
We allocate work to our experts based on their particular strengths. If your problem relates to the VAT exempt/not for profit sector, we are strong in the areas of charities, education, sports and social clubs, and the financial sector.

We regularly advise major companies in the car trade, construction and land and property sectors all of which are riddled with complexity and are generally subject to more in depth scrutiny by Customs and Excise.

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From Our Website

VAT can be daunting at times. Introduced as a 'simple tax' almost 50 years ago, today one mistake can result in very serious consequences for your business - sometimes impacting on your personal life. There are thousands of cases throughout the UK where VAT problems have resulted in companies being issued with winding up orders. We're here to help stop that from happening, through consultation, education and advice. This is the primary reason we set up in business as specialist VAT consultants.

OMNIS began life in 2005, the brainchild of Alan Ross-Sercombe who saw a gap in the VAT & indirect tax market. The idea was a simple one. VAT and indirect tax advice needn't be the preserve of the Big 4. Indeed, the buttoned-up and heavily caveated advice that these corporate leviathans tended to provide was a million miles away from what entrepreneurs really demanded. A damned sight cheaper too. This then is the OMNIS mantra - simple, no-nonsense and reliable advice that will not cost the earth.

Our people are our strength. Our VAT consultants have all worked for many years within HM Revenue and Customs. Coupled with service within major firms, we have vast experience in all aspects of our work. The owners and directors of Omnis are all well known tax experts, highly regarded and very experienced figures in the field of VAT. Alan has worked in VAT since 1975, initially with HM Customs and Excise (as was) and later as a consultant for two of the "big Four" firms of accountants before becoming a founder member of an independent consultancy in 1992.

If you submit your VAT return late you will receive a "default" surcharge of up to 15% of the VAT due. If you get the maths wrong on your VAT return you may receive a "misdeclaration" penalty of 15% of the VAT due. Our VAT and Customs Appeals team are the experts! Nigel Gibbon used to be head of the VAT division at Customs' Solicitor's Office and Nick Hunt is our expert in relation to Customs' penalties and surcharges.