We work to support and guide our clients through the everyday burdens, challenges and opportunities that exist in business as well as providing forward thinking advice to amalgamate the personal ambitions of the owner and their business.

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Whether you're seeking equipment advice or visa requirements for an expedition, similarly Parker & Co are here to help prepare your business - be it through taxation advice or bookkeeping support. Without the right camping, outdoor or survival equipment, your ambitions for adventure won't go far. Our experienced team of advisors are able to provide the tools you need to nurture your business.

Gary deals with all aspects of client relations at all levels. He is responsible for overseeing all accounts and tax returns prior to them being submitted to clients or the relevant authorities. In that way opportunities for tax planning etc are not missed. Gary also deals with the more complicated matters that arise during the life of a business or a client from plans for startups to succession, sale or just plain business survival! Claire is responsible for our payroll bureau services, which involves ensuring that all client RTI submissions are processed on time.

We can also complete the VAT Returns, payroll and where requested, can provide monthly management accounts. This can provide substantial assistance to growing companies. We often find that companies who use this service eventually go on to retain their own book keeper, but we are happy to provide interim services and indeed we still provide fairly substantial services to some clients.

As with all accountancy practices Parker & Co are able to prepare financial statements of sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, charities, other businesses and institutions and calculate the tax liabilities thereon. However as a matter of policy, Parker & Co take one step further with our clients. After preparing accounts etc. we take the opportunity to have a further meeting with our client, with the specific task of discussing the future of their business, it's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist.

As a result of the type of service we provide, we tend to get very close to our clients often advising on such diverse aspects as employment law, IT management, accounting and general business planning and business growth. We are able to prepare business plans and business Forecasts where required and encourage our clients to think in advance. In fact, at our client accounts meetings we always take the time to explore the future of the business, which often provides ideas and food for thought for the future of the business, its owners and their families.

It is extremely important to file your VAT Returns and indeed pay them on time. We provide an efficient service where the Returns are completed in a timely manner, providing our clients with a sufficient time to arrange for payment of the Return itself. We can advise on VAT registration, when it is necessary and how to register and consider other matters, such as cash accounting and the flat rate scheme etc.

Proper tax planning can and very often does provide reductions in tax liabilities. Any proprietor or managing director should be looking into the future as to its tax liabilities and what to do about them. It is almost certainly the case that where no tax planning is carried out at all, a business will be parting with more tax than it need do. Parker & Co provide sound financial tax planning advice in both Revenue and capital taxes. Parker & Co are fully computerised in the production of self assessment and corporation tax returns together with PAYE compliance work.