Business advice & support

Let us help with planning and structuring, in-depth analysis, and cashflow forecasting, among other business essentials. Whatever your goals, let's work together to develop robust growth strategies that maximise your business's value.

Tax planning

Optimise your tax efficiency with solid tax planning and mitigation services. From capital gains and inheritance tax to how your income and investments are treated, we'll take advantage of all the reliefs you're eligible for. Whether you're looking for personal tax or business tax support, we'll make sure you're never overcharged.

Bookkeeping and accounts

We don't just manage your books and prepare your accounts at a time and place to suit you. Above all, we actively tailor our whole approach to your business with practical advice and expert analysis of your situation. We can also act on your behalf in tax investigations, leaving you to take care of your business.


We know how time-consuming payroll can be – as well as how crucial it is to get right. So why not leave it to us? We can set up and manage your PAYE system, issue payslips and forms, and even provide sector-specific advice like how best to handle tips.


Another complex but nevertheless vitally important part of running a business, VAT is often best left to the experts. We'll handle everything from your VAT registration and scheme selection to calculating and submitting your returns. Where applicable we'll also take care of refunds, disputes, and appeals for you.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Accountancy services
  • Tax planning and tax mitigation
  • Business tax return
  • Book-keeping services
  • Business Start-up services
  • Management accounting

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • ACCA
  • BAS
  • BFA

Serviced Areas

  • London Docklands: Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Southwark and Tower Hamlets. London Stratford.

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, Google Checkout, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, Monthly fees

Contact Details

  Person Sukumar Saha
  City Plumstead
  Postcode SE18 6FU
  Address 1 Market street
  Phone Number 0208 111 1000

Business Representative

Sukumar Saha

Managing director

Holds ACCA Practising Certificate: Sukumar is a member holding a practising certificate issued by ACCA. This means that the member is authorised to provide a range of general accountancy services to individuals and businesses, including business and tax advice and planning, preparation of personal and business tax returns, set up of book-keeping and business systems, providing book-keeping services, payroll work, assistance with management accounting help with raising finance, budgeting and cash-flow advice, business start-up advice and expert witness.

Products & Services

Start-Up Businesses

Plus Minus will help you with

Business Plan
Estimate and currently cash flow
Consulting for start-up businesses
Business strategy
Accountancy advice
We’ll develop your startup business structure
We’ll make valuable introductions

Business Consultancy

Forget the tax liabilities and benefits associated with a full-time employee; with contracted business consultants, you’ll get flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind when it comes to planning for growth or exit.

Business Investments

Plus Minus take the time to learn about your situation and the unique investment or retirement challenges you face. Custom solutions are necessary to help you plan for your future, and this extends to all the services we offer.

Tax planning

Optimise your tax efficiency with solid tax planning and mitigation services. From capital gains and inheritance tax to how your income and investments are treated, we'll take advantage of all the reliefs you're eligible for. Whether you're looking for personal tax or business tax support, we'll make sure you're never overcharged.

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I have used plus minus for all my accounts needs for 10 years, and not once have they let me down. In a world where people let you down up to now this has not been the case. I would 100% recommend this firm.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

This is the best accounting firm I have ever been with and I am still with them for over 5 years now.

From accounting to advise, plus minus has made my business journey a success. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is looking for a reliable, experienced accounting firm.

I wouldn't be able to be where I am without them!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

My Accountants since 2013 - Excellent Service!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

From Our Website

Our Business Advisors have each grown businesses of their own. That means we've all dealt with our own business challenges too. From tax issues to cashflow, and strategies for growth or disposal, there's little we haven't encountered. Backed by more than 15 years' professional experience and full chartered certification, we offer a range of specialist accountancy services for new and established business owners. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or established in business, an outside perspective is often invaluable.

From capital gains to corporation tax, our specialist accountancy services in London ensure the best deal possible for clients. At Plus Minus, we're especially well equipped to provide crucial advisory and support services for some of the most complex areas of taxation. The first few days of any tax investigation are often the most important. With Plus Minus representing your affairs to HMRC, you can take it easy through what may be a lengthy administrative process. We'll handle all the correspondence and negotiation to secure you the lowest possible penalty or settlement.

Choosing Plus Minus accountants is of vital importance for small and medium size business owners. For one thing, picking the wrong team for the job could mean missing out on critical reliefs and deductions that might otherwise have saved you money. Plus Minus are specialists in all areas of accounting for small business, offering a range of tailored services to support your company's growth. Starting a new company can be a stressful and exhilarating experience, especially if you're new to running a business.

At Plus Minus we're specialists at preparing end of year accounts for small businesses. We offer a personal, on- or off-site service, not just another anonymous and often unqualified online back office. It is all about saving you money by structuring your affairs more efficiently. We look at several key areas of taxation, depending on your situation, to ensure you're not being overcharged. With the right advice, it's possible to make substantial reductions on your tax bill, and sometimes to eliminate certain taxes altogether.

Simply put, good tax planning ensures you're not paying more than you should. Whether you're a business, an organisation, or a private individual, taxes should be seen as a cost-and, like any other cost, kept to an absolute minimum. Good tax planning involves forecasting your tax liability and coming up with ways to reduce it. This usually means taking an holistic look at your finances to create bespoke solutions that streamline your tax efficiency. A rigorous tax planning process should account for expenditures, the type and timing of purchases, your insurance arrangements, investments, income, and profit, among other factors.

IT contracting is an attractive option for professionals with valuable skills. Working on contract, payment is hourly or by the project. You'll also have the flexibility to arrange your schedule around your life. Of course, paying the right tax is still very much essential. In order to stay on track, you may benefit from specialist accountants for IT contractors. Corporation tax is levied on profit. In other words, it's levied on whatever's left over when expenses and salary have been taken. This includes profits from investments and capital gains.

We offer the same basic services as any chartered accountants London-but we don't stop there. Think of us more as a vital component of your business, always on call to streamline its growth. We'll explain your numbers in simple, practical terms, represent you through negotiations and tribunals. We work by your side to find the best possible solutions for anything you might face. Knowing the ins and outs of your business objectives, we will consistently work to deliver results, services, and advice that are tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you're a contractor, small business owner, or a larger company, Plus Minus Docklands provide a mobile accountancy service. If you don't have the time because to busy, do not worries! Our mobile accountants come to your premises every time is necessary, a qualified accountant can bring key skills to bear on your finances. You may be looking to grow your wealth and investments with expert guidance and an experienced hand. Or you may need specialist advice and services in areas restricted to chartered accountants such as investment business work, audits, tax planning and more.