We are one of the largest and most active corporate finance specialists in the North of England. We have an enviable track record of successfully completing deals, including corporate acquisitions, mergers, management buy-outs, buy-ins and disposals. You may be considering a management buy-out or the acquisition of a competitor. Alternatively, you may be contemplating the sale of your business. We can make it happen.

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  • England and Wales. Also happy to act for international clients

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Business owners / managers often embark on a business sale or management buyout without first gaining an in-depth understanding of what is achievable. Our exit options reviews and management buyout feasibility reviews ensure that our clients fully understand whether their aspirations are deliverable, before starting the process. Many clients undergo a corporate transaction only once in their lifetime; and the outcome usually has lasting implications for them, their families and the business. Our team provides hands on pro-active and tailored advice throughout the whole process, steering clients through the numerous challenges of buying or selling a business.

For most businesses we are selling, we actively search out both international and UK buyers and this results in us regularly receiving offers from overseas businesses as well as UK businesses. We also have experience of acting for management teams in buying UK subsidiaries from overseas parent companies and in acting for international businesses in carrying out acquisitions in the UK.

MBOs are a life-changing opportunity for managers, but the benefits are often overlooked by business owners. We believe MBOs are appropriate in many situations, particularly where issues exist making a company sale difficult. We provide early stage advice, encompassing a valuation of the target business, consideration of funding options and overall opinion of the feasibility of an MBO. If an MBO is sought, we assist clients on negotiation of terms and lead the fundraising in support of the transaction.

Every member of our team is highly experienced and together we have advised on over 100 transactions in a range of sectors over more than 15 years. Our mission statement is "to make it happen", by helping our clients overcome the challenges of selling their business or completing an acquisition or management buy-out. Results for our clients are achieved through our professionalism, experience and dedication. Prospective clients are welcome to talk to clients that we have recently completed deals for so as to hear first hand about our services, from those who have recently experienced them.

For most business owners, their company is their most valuable asset and central to their personal finances. Every business is unique and cannot be valued by using a superficial calculation. Our valuations are based on a thorough examination of financial and non-financial company information, our knowledge of the SME marketplace and our professional judgement. We have a deep understanding of the features that drive that detract from a company's value, derived from many years' acting for shareholders on both the sell and buy-side, advising on deals across a wide range of sectors.

We have extensive experience of advising on both company sales and management buy-outs and offer impartial advice to business owners. Our exit option reports provide clear advice to business owners on whether a company sale or management buy-out is feasible, what can be expected and which route is most likely to achieve their aims.

Our professional team find the best potential acquirers for our clients, making use of powerful research tools and confidential marketing techniques. The information we provide to potential acquirers is regularly acknowledged for its insight and quality, compared to our peers. Our aim is to secure a number of indicative offers from competing acquirers, which ensures maximum value.

Finding the right acquisitions, negotiating deals and securing the necessary funding can be difficult however. Once the transaction is agreed and funded, we work closely with clients' accountants and lawyers to ensure the deal gets over the line.