Taylorcocks is an Accountancy Age ‘Top 100’ firm of chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers specialising in the provision of bespoke, high quality accountancy and taxation solutions. Our expert knowledge and experience allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of their businesses.

It is this proactive and tailored solutions approach that ensures we can meet the needs of our clients and that allows them to remain functional, compliant and, most of all, profitable. Our proactive accountancy services boost our clients bottom line and helps them to make the right decisions both now and for the future.

Based across the UK, we have several locations offering excellence in accountancy solutions – so we are always well resourced to handle your financial concerns in a professional, cost effective and timely fashion.

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  • Online Accounting & Forecasting,

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • ICAEW Members
  • Chartered Tax Advisers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Bacs Approved Bureau
  • Xero Platinum Partner

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  • Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, London, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bristol

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  Person Jamie Hallitt
  City Portsmouth
  Postcode PO6 3TH
  Address 3 Acorn Business Centre, Northarbour Road
  Phone Number 0330 088 7111
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Jamie Hallitt

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Products & Services

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Taylorcocks is a firm of chartered tax advisers and, as such, we have a deep understanding of tax and how to make sure our clients pay as little as possible, whilst remaining fully compliant. We offer a complete service to deal with ongoing and annual corporate tax matters:

- Preparation of annual corporation tax returns
- Related correspondence with the Inland Revenue
- As a standard part of our audit we review your company’s taxation affairs. Our review encompasses all relevant taxes to ensure that any tax planning opportunities are not missed
- Advice in respect of related company matters such as directors’ remuneration, dividend payments and group structure arrangements

Why choose taylorcocks?

At taylorcocks we recognise that the continued success of your business depends on your ability to adapt to the changing business market in which you operate. That’s where taylorcocks comes in. Our experience of dealing with companies like yours, has enabled us to develop a flexible approach to the services and accounting solutions we offer.

It is this unique and proactive approach to developing tailor made services capable of adapting to the changing needs of your business, that sets us apart from other accountants.

Personal Tax

Personal Tax

The current tax structure, with self-assessment and the potential for tax repayments, means even the simplest of cases can benefit significantly from positive tax advice.

As a firm of chartered tax advisers we’ll ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax each year and our personal tax experts will ensure that all submissions are processed in an efficient and timely manner, in accordance with HMRC legislation and guidance.

With computerised tax returns and electronic lodgement, you will be advised of your tax liability for the current tax year and the payment required for the following year well in advance of any upcoming deadlines.

Our services include providing self assessment tax returns for a wide range of people, including:

- Individuals including company directors
- Sole traders
- High net worth individuals
- Business partners and others who have an obligation or requirement to prepare an annual tax return
- Business partnerships

Our services also include:

- Annual review of taxation affairs, tax planning opportunities & claims
- General capital gains tax advice
- Checking and adjusting PAYE notices of coding
- Advising directors on the most tax efficient form of remuneration



In accountancy as in life, you get what you pay for, and choosing the cheapest option can often prove a false economy. It’s easy to forget that professional accountancy is about so much more than someone doing your sums. It’s about having someone who can identify ways of saving you money; someone who can help you spread your funds more wisely; someone who can eliminate risks before they become expensive errors.

At taylorcocks, we know the difference that efficiently compiled, up-to-date and detailed accounts can make to a bottom line. It’s this difference that allows us to help you grow your business – and your wealth – by highlighting both opportunities and shortcomings in your financial strategy.

Companies House
Our experts can also handle both your statutory accounts, keeping you compliant with the taxman, and your management accounts, honing your ideal tax strategy and giving you business guidance. And with our business forecasting service we can help you plan for the future armed with crucial commercial and industry insights.


The role of the audit has changed dramatically through the years. Today’s audit should now be about more than just compliance, it should also be about offering your business greater insight into the way it functions to help you better understand where improvements and efficiencies can be made.

Taylorcocks’ auditing services do just that. We strive to make all of our clients aware of the options open to them and how to mitigate and manage risk effectively. Our audit will provide you with proactive advice designed to support your business developments, whilst meeting your statutory requirements.

*Supporting you with your audit requirements*

On completion we will report back to you and your stakeholders and provide recommendations for dealing with key aspects of your business.

We would be happy to visit you free of charge and give you a very competitive quotation without obligation, where you can also find out how you could benefit from working with us.

- Our audit teams’ professional approach keep disruption of your business to a minimum
- Fees are agreed in advance to prevent unwanted surprises
- Time-scales agreed to meet your needs
- We will ensure that you fully comply with all statutory requirements
- Our friendly approachable staff will become part of the team to ensure the audit is undertaken as seamlessly as possible
- Any potential improvements in accounting and control systems highlighted by the audit will be brought to your attention
- Our audit will bring you peace of mind

Online Accounting Solutions

Online Accounting Solutions

Taylorcocks was formed in 1996 as a small accountancy firm in Portsmouth. 20 years on, Taylorcocks now has 8 offices across the UK and 140 employees. As one of the fastest growing accountancy firms in the UK, Taylorcocks has grown successfully with its clients and has delivered an exceptional service to over 1, 500 organisations on a global scale.

Why we use Xero:

- Real-time financial data: Xero allows our clients to access real-time financial data wherever they are in the world.
- Secure Cloud Storage: Our clients’ data is protected from the data risks that traditional accountancy software packages come with.
- Time-Saving Automation: We save our clients time by automating manual tasks like processing invoices, expenses and payroll.

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From Our Website

We recognise that long-term success isn't just about growth but also about minimising risk. We understand this because we have twenty years experience in providing bespoke financial solutions to our 3,500 clients, so we know a little about the commercial risks and challenges you face on a daily basis. We agree with you in advance what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and what it will cost. We are concise, and to the point. There is no room for doubt and that's exactly how our clients tell us they like it.

At TC we offer more than just standard compliance services. Using our specialist knowledge across multiple disciplines, we are able to consider your business affairs carefully alongside your personal financial affairs. By considering these two matters as a single issue, we can provide the best possible advice, enabling our clients to save costs from current operations, as well as helping to leverage tax saving initiatives where possible.

At TC Group, we know that long-term business success is about more than growth alone. It also means minimising risk, planning ahead, and adapting constantly to the changes around you. From pensions for your staff to business protection, we can take the weight off your mind when it comes to your business's financial situation. We'll help you to identify and run the right kind of workplace pension scheme for your company, meeting all the statutory requirements of auto-enrolment and ensuring your employees receive the correct contributions to their pension.

The tax system is complicated, and as a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sure you get all your records and returns right, at the same time as running your business. Whether it's navigating capital gains tax rules or dealing with the details of VAT legislation, we're experts in all forms of business tax and can manage it on your behalf. As part of our tax service, we can prepare and submit all relevant returns for your business, ensuring that you're fully compliant with your obligations, while at the same time identifying the reliefs and allowances available so you pay no more tax than you need to.

At TC we aim to deliver a joined up approach that enables our clients to receive advice in a number of areas under the same roof. We can provide the holistic planning required in relation to business Accounts, Tax, Legal and Financial Planning to help clients achieve their aims and objectives. Having the ability to work with an organisation that delivers all these services has real benefits to clients. Not only regarding time and costs but also in terms of a common and consistent approach across the group.

At TC group, we offer a truly personalised tax service that encompasses every part of our clients' lives, helping to free up their time and save them money. We assign each of our clients a client relationship manager and a dedicated tax advisor, giving them immediate access to expert advice whenever they need it. As a TC Group client, you'll have the option to meet your client relationship manager on a regular basis to talk about your tax planning strategy - or you can get in touch whenever you have a question.