We are a highly respected independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors in Leicestershire with more than a century of heritage in the heart of the East Midlands.

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The regulatory framework regarding accounts preparation has changed significantly in recent years and continues to do so. Keeping up to date is time consuming and complex. Our accountancy services are designed to help you cut through the jargon and better understand some of the regulatory and procedural aspects of running and managing your business.

We can work with you to produce a first class set of accounts which fully comply with all of the latest standards. Our experts can help you with the transition from UK GAAP to FRS 102 to identify the differences between the two standards and the additional information required on conversion. We can help you identify the right standard for you and provide everything from a pro-forma set of accounts for your finance team to complete right through to compiling the complete set of accounts on your behalf.

Whatever level of support you require, you can be confident that you will meet your deadlines and statutory obligations and submit a set of accounts that truly reflect your business.

Converting your business aspirations into reality often involves a lot of background work, protracted negotiation, additional funding, and objective specialist advice. We will take time to understand your ultimate goals and objectives as well as your strategic plan, to provide you with a range of advisory and financial services that will support and guide your venture through to successful completion of a business sale or acquisition.

Whether you want to raise finance or buy or sell a company, we can value your business based on its asset base, realistic financial forecasts and key factors affecting your industry sector to make sure that we can establish an accurate figure and present it in a clear way that is easy to understand.

A well-planned strategic business acquisition can add instant value to your organisation, but there are often many complex hurdles to overcome before you can toast your success. At Rowleys, we have experts on hand who can carry out the due diligence necessary to reassure you that your target acquisition is financially, legally and fiscally sound.

Cloud based accounting is the latest solution helping small businesses to better manage their finances by providing access to real time data without the need for costly IT equipment.

At Rowleys, we understand that you want quick, accurate information with the minimum of effort, but the reassurance you are dealing with qualified experts. By working in partnership with leading software providers, we are now able to offer our services to you in a more flexible way, meaning fewer meetings, less paperwork, increased efficiency and value for money. All you need is an internet connection.

Tax planning is the process of forecasting one’s tax liability then aiming to minimise that liability through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exclusions and exemptions.

Through the use of our exclusive TaxforceTM service, we can help you to understand everything that can affect your tax liability, from the size of your income and profits, the nature and timing of purchases, your insurance coverage to the types of investments you make.

Our experts can give you the confidence that you are as tax efficient as possible whilst remaining compliant and legal.

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The various taxes covering your business require detailed consideration and an appreciation of the laws and regulations surrounding them. From corporate tax, partnerships, VAT and many more. Your personal tax agenda is important and in any scenario there often needs to be consideration of the individuals tax position and that of the business. We are specialists in considering the broader tax agenda and advising individuals independently or as part of a broader business tax agenda. Almost every not for profit organisation has to consider tax as an important planning point to the structure of the organisation and their activities.

Today more than ever a business can't afford to stand still. While there are a number of ways to grow, acquisition is still the fastest ways to increase the value, turnover and profitability of your business. The only problem is with so many moving parts at play during any transaction, it's estimated that more than 90% of corporate acquisitions still don't end up going quite to plan. At Rowleys, our hugely experienced team know what is required to successfully run an acquisition from offering strategic advice on what type of acquisition may fit, to support on the terms of final completion.

Payroll is integral to keeping your business running successfully. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage, especially now that the PAYE system has been changed and Real Time Information and auto enrolment have been introduced. If, like many companies, you are finding you no longer have the time or resource to keep up with the changes, we can help. Outsourcing your payroll function offers you all the benefits of a payroll department without the overheads or compliance risks.

Robert is our Managing Partner. He joined Rowleys in 1998 after spells at PKF and the renowned pensions' consultancy Mercia Group where Robert quite literally wrote the manual on pension audits. It's therefore no surprise that in addition to managing an extensive portfolio of our corporate and charity clients, Robert is also a leading member of our specialist pensions' team. As well as being an active member of his local church, Robert likes to use his spare time to ski enthusiastically, play golf badly and take a long walk through any type of countryside.

The terminology used is specific to pension schemes and the regulations are subject to frequent change. And, that's before you consider that managing the scheme assets, that will look after their members in later life, is a huge responsibility for trustees. Our pensions are there to look after us in later life. This means it's absolutely vital that everyone involved with your pension scheme - your trustees, your administrators and your accountants - have the experience and knowledge required to properly understand the makeup of the accounts and implications and consequences of actions.

If you think an audit is just a box-ticking compliance exercise or another unwanted expense, we'd urge you to think again! An audit can deliver enormous commercial value when you work with the right auditors. But who is the right auditor? We'd argue it's the one who's ready, willing and able to invest in helping you achieve the growth you want whilst ensuring you always take the most dynamic and productive approach to your audit. You need an auditor who's ready to invest their time to get to know you, your business and your plans so they can provide the full range of advice you'll need to successfully realise your objectives.