I have been trading since 1997, after a career in the Inland Revenue, and specialise in tax returns for UK seafarers, as well as tax returns and accounts for small traders and subcontractors. I operate a fixed price service, so you always know what the fee will be up front.

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  • Worldwide - expat Landlords and yacht skippers

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Tax Services

All tax return packages are on a fixed fee basis, so you will always know in advance how much the service will cost. The annual fee covers all letters, telephone calls and tax advice over the year


I offer a complete accounts service for sole traders and partnerships as well as let property accounts for UK or overseas landlords.

I am happy to give basic tuition in computer-based record-keeping FREE! to clients who are new to self-employment or to computers, and will also give one-to-one computer tuition for beginners at an hourly rate. Please ask for details.

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You've come to the right place for a friendly 21st Century tax and accounts service! I can help with all of your UK & Scottish tax requirements- self-assessment returns, final accounts, rental income and double taxation relief. Seafarers a Speciality!

So who is this Tax Lady anyway? In 1997, After 10 years in the Inland Revenue and a further 13 years working for top accounting firms such as Ernst and Young, I decided that it was time to set up in business on my own and started from scratch in an office in Ocean Village on Southampton's waterfront. When the developers moved in, I relocated to my office at home. This was intended to be temporary, but it was accessible and had free parking! So at home I stayed. I have now moved to Clydeside and the shores of the Holy Loch, from where I can visit clients in Aberdeen, Greenock, Southampton, and sometimes even further afield.

Property has traditionally been viewed as a 'safe' investment, which gradually appreciates over a long period and very seldom loses in value. The UK rental market has seen both slumps and booms in recent years, with a period of rapidly dropping house prices, followed by similar increases well above the rate of inflation. However the market has steadied in the last year or two and residential lettings provide a steady income with attractive yields and the prospect of increases in property values above the level of inflation.

I offer a complete payroll service for employers, catering for monthly, fortnightly, hourly or weekly paid staff and company directors. Payroll items can include salaries, commission, hourly pay, tracking of benefits in kind such as car mileage paid, Tax credits and collection of student loans. End of year returns and forms P11D completed. Please call for a quote. Prices are based on the number of employees and frequency of payment.

If you sell an asset at a profit, you could have a capital gains tax (CGT) liability. If so, the net gain above the exempt amount is taxable at 20% if you are a higher rate taxpayer (28% on property sales) and 10% if your total income including the gain is within the basic rate band (18% on property gains) (2017). The resulting tax liability has to be paid by the 31 January following the tax year of sale (eg a sale in the year to 5 April 2017 means any CGT is due by 31 January 2018). Each person has a separate annual exemption so it is possible for married couples to get gains of 22,600 [2017] tax-free by transferring ownership of the asset to be sold so that each owns half before the sale, as gifts between spouses do not attract CGT.