Principal and main Advisor Tony Stitt FCA Cert IOD, provides Business and tax advice to Companies and professionals in the Financial Services sector.

Tony has operated at a senior level in Tax advice for major financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, IMA, Merrill Lynch, Mellon, Cordea Savills, Delloitte and others, working on and providing advice on UK, European and global international issues.

He continues to provide advice to some of these companies, but is now focused on using the breadth of his experience and his hands on and more personal approach to business and product development for the benefit of smaller organisations and entrepreneurs.

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  • London

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  City West Hampstead
  Postcode NW6 3EP
  Address 257 Goldhurst Terrace
  Phone Number 020 7624 9388

Products & Services

Business Tax

Starting a new business, successfully running it, keeping on top of a complex tax situation, managing your assets, your investments, marketing your business - TSA will help you with all of these.

We produce and report your accounts, dealing with HMRC on your behalf. We also provide a range of services to assist you in nurturing and growing your company. Our approach is friendly and consistent. We work with you to help you and your business - for as long as it takes.

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This varies according to the nature of the prospective company and the individual (or individuals) concerned. Why are you starting this company? Have you planned this for a long time, or is your hand being forced by external events? What do you really want out of this? For example, do you want a job where you are the boss or do you want to plan, run and grow a business? Not many ask themselves that question and too many try to do everything themselves. The main thing is that you will want to be profitable as soon as you can.

Tony Stitt Associates advise on all forms of property investment, property management and development whether held directly by UK resident or non-UK resident individuals or through a company or other investment structure. We provide a full range of tax and accounting services including acting as a tax agent for non-UK resident landlords so they can get their rent from tenants gross and avoid withholding tax at the rate of 20% on rents collected. We also supply an accountant's certificate in respect of obtaining loan finance and have access to HMRC's website to obtain a form which most lenders want as part of their due diligence.