While other firms may say things like we provide a personal service and our service is guaranteed, these internally generated statements are usually nothing other than self-promotion. For our part, when it comes to claiming these attributes we can prove it. We have won not one but two national awards on the back of our performance.

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We're proud to be a chartered certified accountants firm who like to do things differently, being more than just 'accountants in Plymouth' and offering you an award-winning alternative. Whatever size or type of business you have, our accountancy firm In Devon is always available to give you smart, simple, and straightforward accounting and business advice, helping you develop and grow with every step. Get in touch with H.M.Williams today. Even though you've tasked us to look after your financial responsibilities, we've published a range of jargon-free business books.

At H.M.Williams, we like to do things differently. So we're not going to go into detail about how long we've been an integral part of the region's business community for (over 45 years), how many prestigious national awards we've won (three), or how far we'll go to help you (always the extra mile). Instead, we've put together a short video and written some pages that will explain more about us and how we do things far better than if we tried to squeeze it all in here. When it comes down to it, we know that our success is based on your success and that we grow only if you grow.

When your business is on track, moving forward, and growing like you want it to be, you'll have more than enough going on to keep you busy. But that's when the 'numbers' side of the business could take a bit of a back seat. Even if it's not, anything 'accounts'-based might be leaving you feeling confused or just completely mystified trying to make sense of it all. Luckily, our team can demystify it all for you. Turning your numbers into valuable financial advice that keeps you compliant and helps you make smarter business decisions, together with giving you jargon-free support and advice to help you get a handle on it all.

Payroll can be a delicate process. There's a lot riding on you to make it happen quickly, smoothly, and without any nasty surprises. Your company's greatest asset - its staff - rely on it happening like clockwork every time, and the last thing your business needs is an unpaid workforce at the end of the month. With Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment adding to the process, payroll has become a more complicated and time-consuming task to manage and get right. If it goes wrong, it can be a costly exercise to sort out, so why risk it?

Whatever they say, tax is always taxing. With the ever-changing personal and business tax legislation, it's impossible to keep up. Even if your tax affairs look straightforward, many business owners have neither the time or expertise to get to grips with it all. That's why it's so easy to end up paying more tax than you need to or find yourself facing an unexpected HMRC penalty. Luckily, tax, in all its confusing and frustrating configurations, is very much our thing. So when it comes to it, there's no need to sweat the big stuff because our team can support you and keep you fully compliant, both personally and professionally.

Knowing what paperwork to file, when to file it, and who to file it with can be the stuff of nightmares for many company owners. Making sure your company is in full compliance with the strict legalities of the Companies Act 2006, and stays there, can make it hard to keep up. So wouldn't it make sense if someone else did it for you? The Company Secretary of any larger company plays an indispensable role in taking care of business. But if you're running an SME or micro business, you could lack the skills or resources to justify such in-house expertise, and that's where we come in.