We realise that all business proprietors have many demands on their time and many important issues to address. We also recognise the increasing importance of good financial management and compliance with the increasing burden of tax and company law. Our services are designed to allow you peace of mind to concentrate on other aspects of managing your business while we monitor your tax and filing deadlines. We undertake to remind you of all-important filing deadlines and to assist you in every way possible to meet them.

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  City Barrow-in-Furness
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  Address 125 Duke St
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Companies Act 2006, FRS102, FRS 102a, FRS 105, Micro entity, sole trader, partnership - the range of types of entities and their accounting requirements is vast and growing ever more complex. Our role is to help you choose not only the right entity through which to trade but also the best way for you to comply with your statutory obligations with both Companies House and HMRC. We will prepare the statutory accounts for your business but more importantly discuss with you what the figures actually mean and what can be done to improve them to meet your future goals and ambitions.

We believe that each client is unique and therefore a blanket approach to either our compliance or advisory work is not suitable. Unlike some accountancy practices we don't have separate departments for Accounts and Taxation services - all our staff are trained to be multi-disciplined and look after all the needs of each client. We feel that only by doing this can we offer a complete services to each client. Every client has a partner and member of staff allocated as their points of contact based on the required level of skill and experience needed to support that persons specific requirements.

Winders Accountants is a long established, independent firm of Chartered Accountants based in Barrow and the South Lakes. Established in 1962 we have spent almost 60 years helping people negotiate the minefield of regulations and legislation concerning their financial and business affairs. We are able to offer tailored advice to clients ranging from individual tax returns to international trading companies on all aspects of business and tax matters. We share an office with our sister company Winders Financial Services Limited, who offer a holistic approach to clients in all areas of financial planning.

The most important tool we have to help you is our staff. Our team is highly qualified with years of experience, but they are real people with personal life experience that cannot be found in an exam paper. People who enjoy building lasting relationships with clients. Putting the client firmly at the centre of everything we do is core to our culture and enables us to run a genuinely client-focused business.

Finding a Financial Adviser to trust with your money isn't easy. Every client is different, be it in their earnings, aspirations, time frames, knowledge or age. Some have relatively simple financial goals that can be achieved with minimal fine-tuning while others require more time and attention. Every client has a different tolerance of risk, depending on their circumstances. That's why we offer clients a tailor-made advice service according to their needs, we do not believe clients should fit into a box, everyone is unique.

Every person is different, be it in their earnings, aspirations, time frames, knowledge or age. Some have relatively simple tax and accounting needs wheras others may require more in depth and specialist services from their trusted advisor. These requirements will change over time as your life changes. At Winders we recognise that a 'one size fits all' approach is not suitable for the modern world we live in, the old days of simple 'compliance' work is disappearing and a more bespoke approach is often needed.